Diamond is natural spring water and carbonated natural mineral water from the springs of Tešanjska vrela, located in untouched and pure nature. Just like a natural diamond, Diamond water is hidden inside inside earth's heart and protected by century-old rocks, are full of minerals. Traveling naturally to the surface, each drop of Diamond water is filtered through numerous layers of volanogenic rocks through which it gains its special clarity and ideal composition of minerals. Diamond water is a real natural gem, untouched until the moment of drinking!

Diamond natural spring water

Diamond natural spring water has a PH value of 7.26 which gives the water a recognizable silky taste. Since its PH value is close to the natural PH value in our blood, it does not distract the delicate, natural body balance, making it ideal for maintaining a healthy functioning of our body.

Diamond carbonated natural mineral water

Diamond carbonated natural mineral water contains naturally balanced amounts of fluoride and other micro elements that contribute to our health. Diamond mineral water belongs to the category of mineral waters for which there is no limited amount of consumption.

Diamond for health


The body itself consists of 60% water and regular hydration is a neccessity

Regulates digestion

Water allows substances to be transported through the blood and regulates digestion, protects joints, tissues and organs.

Dissolves toxins

Water dissolved and removes toxins and harmful substances from the body.

Most important element of the diet

Sufficient hydration makes our skin firm, elastic and beautiful.

About us

Tešanjska vrela d.o.o. was founded in 2000 and since then it has been active in the bottled water industry. The Tešanjska vrela spring is located on a private property and is protected from external pollution, contributing to the outstanding quality of Diamond water. Production takes place in a modern plant on a fully automatic cycle of filling and packaging line and meets the standards of HACCP and ISO9001. Many years of tradition, experience and quality have been recognized by prestigious international competitions, such as „Berkley Springs International Water Tasting“. Diamond waters and their distinctive taste have won many hearts over the years and were awarded gold, silver and bronze medals.

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